ShortBOL is a scripting language, designed to be easy to use, powerful and extensible.

When these scripts are run, they generate SBOL files which can then be used to derive the DNA sequences for your design from its parts, generate diagrams, and can be loaded into any SBOL-compliant computer-aided genome design tools.

For problems, questions or bugs please either submit an issue here: Submit Issue or if you are unable to do this using the submit problem button.

Developed By

Matthew Crowther, Lewis Grozinger, Matthew Pocock, Christopher P.D.Taylor.

James A. McLaughlin, G ̈oksel Mısırlı, Bryan A. Bartley, Jacob Beal, Angel Go ̃ni-Moreno and Anil Wipat.

Collaboration By

ICOS - School of Computing - Newcastle University, Keele University and Raytheon BBN Technologies.